These days people have become health and body conscious, which is a positive thing. Extra kilos gained by the body over a period of time is very unhealthy and gives way to series of diseases. Being aware of this, people ardently want to shed these extra kilos.

But looking at today’s lifestyle and eating habits, it has really become a difficult task. It takes a lot to stay in shape these times. Some of them are changes in eating habits, lifestyle and disciplined routine regime. Apart from these, the most important one is the willingness or desire to get in shape, the control on mental cravings.

As we go by the famous saying: ‘Where there is a will, there is a way.’

A diet plan if followed for 3-4 months with discipline, then we guarantee you losing the weight in every possible healthy way. Altogether making your body fit, healthy, in shape and disease resistant.

Here goes balanced diet plan for a day:

Just after waking up  
1 glass warm lemon water with honey

Sprouts salad and apple
Oatmeal and apple
Cucumber smoothie and apple
1 Vegetable sandwich
1 vegetable Uttapam

Pulao, salad, buttermilk or curd, papad, green chutney
2 Chapati, curd or buttermilk, vegetable, salad, papad
1 small bowl rice, dal, buttermilk or curd, salad, papad

Tea or coffee with biscuit

2 chapati, dal, smoothie or salad
Daliya, curd, salad, papad

Along with this disciplined diet plan, there are few more important things to keep in mind :

  • Daily on time meals
  • Fresh cooked food
  • No processed food
  • Drink warm water at regular intervals
  • Don’t drink water for at least half an hour before and after eating food
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