Red wine is an alcohol made from skin and juice of black grapes. The color of the wine varies from dark violet color to dark red and also brown color. Although containing 12-15% of alcohol, benefits of red wine are numerous which keep the body healthy and fit.

It is made by crushing and fermenting the dark-colored grapes. The nutritional properties of red wine are 0% cholesterol and one glass contains 125 calories.

Black grapes mainly contain antioxidants like resveratrol which rejuvenates old cells.

Here are many of the health benefits of red wine:

1. For anti-aging and glowing skin

The red grapes which are used to make red wine are rich in antioxidants called resveratrol. This wonder element is present in large amount in stem and skin of the grapes and helps in destroying harmful free radicals and toxins formed in the body. This way it maintains the beauty and glow of skin and also reduces the chances of skin cancer and other ailments.

The high content of antioxidants also makes it an effective cure for acne. The polyphenols kill the acne causing bacteria and restore the natural glow of face.

Red wine treats sunburns too. At the first place, the flavonoids present in it prevent the UV rays from reacting with skin. Thus keeps away the sunburns and skin lesions. But along with this sunscreen lotion is also a must when you step out into the sun.

  • Drink a small glass of red wine or 300 mg of it daily.
  • Or else, make a face mask by mixing red wine with aloe vera gel. Apply it to the clean face for 5 minutes. Then, wash off the face with water and pat dry.

2. For hair

Red Wine provides a lot of benefits to the overall hair health. It cures itchy scalp, dandruff and hair fall and promotes hair growth and strength. It stimulates the blood circulation in the scalp and removes dead blood cells formed on the head.

  • Drink half a glass of red wine with food.

3. For heart

The flavonoids and antioxidants present in red wine help against developing any heart disease. It improves the health and blood flow of blood vessels. This allows for the better blood flow throughout the body which keeps the heart healthy.

  • Take one small glass of red wine and drink it daily at night with food to maintain cardiovascular health.

5. For good sleep

A compound named Melatonin is a sleep inducing hormone. It is present in large amount in red grapes which is the main ingredient of red wine. Melatonin stimulates the brain nerves to sleep. Studies have also shown that those who drank red wine sleep fast and better compared to those who don’t.


6. To distress

Red wine or any other alcohol, in general, is good for destressing. These are the sedatives which calm the central nervous system. After the hustle bustle of the entire day, just a glass of red wine calms down the tired brain without affecting the night’s sleep. It always has a positive effect on the body if taken in small quantities.

7. For diabetes

Type  Diabetes gives way to heart-related diseases by increasing the bad cholesterol level in the body due to artery blockage and poor blood circulation. Risk of getting heart attacks and strokes increases in such patients.

Drinking moderate amounts or a glass of red wine a day is good for diabetic patients. Many studies conducted in the various cities have confirmed the same.

8. Treats Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s is a fast increasing disease affecting nearly 5 million Americans. The neurons get degenerated and brain cells do not work properly. There is no particular cause known for this diseases but genetics play a major part.

Resveratrol present in grapes prevent the brain cells from damage due to inflammation. It also repairs the brain nerves which carry blood from body to brain.

9. For obesity

Red wine contains antioxidants which oxidize the excess of fats accumulated in the body. It converts the bad fat into good calorie providing fat and thus helps reduce obesity. Regularly drinking a glass of red wine also improves the metabolic function of the body.

10. Protects teeth

The red grapes contain antioxidants which stop the growth of bacteria that sticks to the saliva and teeth and ultimately cause tooth decay. Thus a moderate amount of wine is beneficial to prevent tooth decay too.

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