1. Microwave popcorn

Popcorns are the favorite and must have a snack of youngsters while watching movies. An easy to make and healthy snack can be dangerous also. The wrong making process can expose you to cancer causing agents.

The main problem lies with the plastic lining of the bag made with chemicals like perfluoroalkyl, perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS). On heating, these chemicals seep into the popcorn we eat. And these chemicals are said to be Carcinogens which are associated with Certain types of cancer.

The traditional way of cooking on a stove is the best and we should stick to that only.

2. Diet Soda

The sugary beverage soda which leads to weight gain and many other problems is nowadays replaced by diet soda. People are picking diet soda believing it to have low calories and the good alternative to regular soda.

On the contrary, Diet soda is also a villain as much as regular soda. Artificial sweeteners like saccharine, cyclamate and aspartame are cancer causing agents as proved in many studies. These increase the risk of prostate and breast cancers.So, best is to say no to both diet and regular soda.

3. Teflon coated utensils

Non-stick utensils are coated with a synthetic polymer called Teflon or polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). These cookwares when used for cooking at high-temperature release toxic fumes.

These toxins are bad for the environment and also for the health of humans and animals both. And over the time when used for longer period of time results in cancer.

4. Alcohol

Alcohol drinking is injurious to health’ is a famous line. Whether it be wine, beer or any else all have the same effect on the body and put you at risk of developing cancer cells. Also, if you are smoking and drinking at the same time, then there is a double risk of cancer.

Going inside the body, alcohol is converted into toxic chemicals that damage our DNA and also stop cells from repairing this damage. It causes many types of certain cancers like mouth, breast, liver and much more. It damages liver cells that lead to liver cancer.

Few past studies suggested that drinking a little bit of alcohol is good for heart health. But according to new Government guidelines and studies, drinking for good health is not at all recommended. The low health benefit of alcohol is outweighed by the high risk associated with alcohol drinking.

5. Smoking

Smoking is the most dangerous habit that comes to anyone.The word smoking is associated with the most unhealthy lifestyle. The tobacco present in the cigarettes contains a lot of harmful diseases causing chemicals. The smoke enters the blood stream while breathing and cause heart diseases, various lung diseases and cancer.

According to a study, most of the cancer deaths are due to smoking. It harms every organ of the body and leads to certain cancers of lung, esophagus, larynx, mouth, throat, kidney, bladder, liver, pancreas, stomach, cervix, colon, and rectum.

6. Birth control pills

Birth control pills are used by most of the women around the world to stop an unwanted pregnancy. An easy birth control is very much desired by every woman but it should be safe and should not adversely affect the body.

These birth control pills are said to have hormones which interfere with the natural functioning of the body and stimulate the breast cells. Thus leading to the greater risks of breast cancer.

7. Burnt food

Everyone loves eating potato chips, toast and other various items that are grilled, fried and baked. As, these modes of cooking require heating the food item at high temperatures, certain molecules are produced which enhances the food taste. But the food you eat must be healthy too.

When food is cooked at such a high temperature, a molecule named acrylamide is formed. And this chemical is a proved carcinogen and harmful toxin. Acrylamide is not found in Boiled and uncooked food. The burnt food or the charred food should not be eaten and thrown away in the bin even if you think it to be wastage.

8. Canned food

Canned food is becoming popular with the new generation. The convenience and leisure it provides are attracting youths. Saving the whole time and hard work it takes to prepare fresh food in the kitchen. But, this comforting path leads to a disastrous health.

All the canned foods contain harmful preservatives and the lining of canned foods are made with a chemical called Bisphenol-A or BPA. This chemical is supposed to cause gene mutations and hormonal imbalances in the body which result in breast cancer. The low dose of this chemical can affect the development of breast tissue and poisonous to the body functions. It is banned in many countries.

9. Refined oil

Refined oil or hydrogenated oil like sunflower oil, olive oil, soyabean oil and are not at all good for your heart and mind health. These causes heart diseases, tumor and cancer.

These oils when heated at a high temperature for cooking, they undergo a series of chemical reactions which results in accumulation of large amounts of toxic compounds named Aldehydes. These aldehydes are linked with cancer. So it is better to use coconut oil which has low aldehydes as compared to others. Also, ghee or butter is a better replacement for vegetable oils and it should be used in balance in your regular diet.


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