Stomach sleeping or sleeping with stomach down is a very common bad habit found in most of the people. It interferes with the blood circulation of the body. Also, has many other health problems. So it’s better to just avoid sleeping like this for the good.

Let’s discuss the health problems caused due to this in detail:

1. Headache

Sleeping in this complex position twists the neck and thus interferes with the blood circulation to the head. Human head needs a large amount of blood being supplied timely through arteries. Lack of blood supply results in a headache.

2. Back pain

Backbone is the crucial part of the body, the center of all our body functions. Wrong sleeping posture twists the natural shape of backbone. Thus resulting in back pain which can become lifelong if not paid attention to.

3. Wrinkles on face

While sleeping on stomach the face gets pressed down on the pillow. Thus the face does not get the amount of oxygen required to keep its pores open and also for the proper blood circulation. This leads to less blood circulation which allows wrinkles, acne and pimples to come out on the face.

4. Neck pain

Sleeping on stomach contorts the neck. It puts a strain on neck muscles and the surrounding area. And blocks the blood flow in these parts of the body, which then results in severe neck pain. Neck becomes stiff and hinders the daily routine activities.

5. Indigestion

Indigestion is another serious health problem. The wrong sleeping position contributes to the same. When you lie down on the stomach, it puts pressure on the stomach. Thus, the stomach is not able to digest the food properly.


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