Orange is a seasonal fruit, available in the market in winters. It is said that one orange daily fulfills the daily requirement of Vitamin C in our body. Also orange is favorite fruit of most people due to its fresh pulpy slices, tangy juices and sour and sweet flavor. The color of orange itself is so vibrant that it gives fresh and healthy vibes.

Along with Vitamin C, orange is also packed with calcium, iron, copper and many other nutrients which takes cares of daily requirements of the body. It also boosts the mental happiness, provides emotional positivity and sense of joy and cheerfulness.

Here are the major health benefits of orange:

1.Controls Blood Pressure

Orange contains potassium and magnesium in large quantities. These minerals are said to lower the blood pressure.

  • Drink one glass of fresh orange juice daily.

2. Prevents Kidney Stones

The citric acid present in orange keeps the kidneys clean and saves from any kidney diseases.

Orangejuice inhibits the formation of kidney stones by breaking down the calcium oxalates and uric acid. The level of citrate in the urine gets increased, which neutralizes the acids.

  • Drinking a glass of orange juice daily is most effective citrus fruit for kidney stones.

3. Boosts Immunity

Orange is a rich source of Vitamin C that helps boost the immune system, thus protects the body against a recurring cough and cold. It promotes the production of White Blood Cells in the body, that fight against viruses, bacteria and other infections.

  • Just one orange a day fulfills the daily requirement of Vitamin C of our body.

4. Prevents Cancer

Orange contains a compound called limonoids that fight against the growing cancer cells in the body. It prevents various types of cancers like breast, lung, skin, mouth, stomach and colon.

Orange is highly beneficial for prostate cancer, its high fiber content and citrus nature keeps the urine clean by alkalizing the acids.

According to research if a child eats an orange for 2 years daily without a miss, then there is no risk of cancer when grown up.

5. Weight Loss

Orange also serves as a perfect weight loss remedy. The high fiber content of orange keeps your stomach full that helps eat less and has low calories. It is a fat-free source of healthy nutrients for the body.

6. Strengthens bones

Orange Juice acts as an antioxidant and helps strengthen the bones. Vitamin C protects against arthritis and reduces the  inflammation and swelling of the joints.

7. Rejuvenates skin

Being rich in antioxidant Vitamin C orange acts as a great cleanser. For the live and vibrant skin, the inner body parts like stomach, the liver also need to be in good condition. Orange cleanses the inner body parts thus cleaning the skin indirectly.
Orange also protects the skin from damage caused by sun exposure and pollution. The marks and acne can be removed by applying orange juice regularly. The citric acid present in the orange lightens the skin color.

  • Rub orange peel on your face to remove tanning.
  • A face mask is also made with the dry orange peel.

8. Heart health

Oranges are good for cardiovascular health due to the presence of potassium. Potassium is good for the heart to keep it in good shape.

9. Blood purifier

Orange also purifies the blood thus acting as an astringent.

  • Take an orange with meals for bile and scurvy.

10. Energy booster

Orange juice refreshes and rejuvenates the person. It quenches the thirst and acts as a natural relaxant. It revives the lost energy due to its refrigerating and relieving properties.

  • Drink a glass of orange juice with a pinch of rock salt after exercise.

11. Stomach disorders

Orange soothes and calms down any stomach disorder due to its cooling property.

  • For adults, drink a glass of orange juice 2 times a day.
  • For babies, give equal parts of orange juice mixed with water 3 times a day along with mother’s milk.


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