Rope jumping is not a new thing, it is practiced from ages and everyone must have played with it in their childhood. Unfortunately, as we grew up, ropes were sidelined terming them to be kids play and replaced by new age trendy machines.

Along with complex workout machines, rope jumping should also be included in your daily fitness regime. Skipping the rope for just 10 minutes daily morning serves the whole body workout. It keeps the body fit and healthy.

Skipping is a very low cost and affordable source of exercise as you have to buy just rope which is available at cheap prices in the market. Also, ropes can be carried along anywhere, even when you travel, due to its small size.

Here we list the health benefits of rope jumping:

1.Strong muscles

Rope jumping helps in the workout of both hands and legs. It tones the leg muscles and makes the lower body strong.

Strong muscles are one of the keys to your sound health. Skipping tones the hip muscles too and keep them fit.

2. Increases glow

Skipping improves the blood circulation, excretes the toxins accumulated in our body. This results in the glowing and healthy skin.

An exercise of any kind is secret behind the glowing and vibrant skin. But taking out time for the gym is really very difficult in today’s hectic schedule. But rope jumping needs only a few minutes and is very convenient way to exercise.

 3. Healthy Heart

While jumping rope heart starts pumping faster. Pumping the blood and the oxygen rapidly from the heart to the other organs of the body through veins and arteries. By enhancing the capacity of blood circulation, the heart becomes healthy.

It helps boost the stamina of your body to carry out daily activities swiftly. Thus rope jumping keeps cardiovascular health in proper shape.

4. Relieves pain

It makes leg muscles strong and improves blood circulation. This reduces knee pain as they get flexed.

At first, when you start rope jumping your body will ache for few days as the contracted muscles would start expanding. But then you will become used to this rope jumping regime and will make you feel better.

5. Reduces stress

The exercise of any type help reduces anxiety due to the increase in blood circulation. Skipping provides immediate relief and acts as a great stress reliever.

While skipping some endorphins are released that induces positive feelings in the body.

6. Strong Bones

Rope jumping leads to overall workout of the body. It strengthens the muscles and also increases the bone density, thus making them stronger.

Strong bones help increase agility and running potential. So, do skip for at least 10 minutes daily to keep bones in the good shape. Otherwise, if bones remain weak, it will give a lot of pain later in the life.

7. Weight loss

The bad and over eating habits results in the accumulation of fats in all wrong parts of the body. And the stomach is the most common body part where fat gets accumulated resulting in obesity.

Skipping is amazing for weight loss. It burns 300 calories in just 30 minutes. Skipping ardently for a week leads to fat burn and ultimately results in weight loss.


  • Skipping should always be done empty stomach.
  • Do 5 minute warm up before skipping to activate otherwise dormant muscles.
  • Do not jump too high.
  • Start with slow jumping, then speed up the pace.
  • Always wear comfortable and cushioned shoes to avoid any kind of injury or knee pain.
  • People already suffering from knee problems should avoid skipping.


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