Soda or soft drink, a very tasty drink and also healthy as believed by many. People believe that drinking soda after eating food helps in easy digestion and helps get rid of gastric problems.

But as per the studies, it is a pure myth. Soda is injurious to your health, taken at any time of the day. In the long run, if soda is taken regularly and that too for two or more times a day, then it is working as a slow poison to your body.
So beware of any type of soda or soft drinks and eliminate them completely from your diet list.

Here is the list of Health hazards of soda:

1.Bad for Brain

Soda contains artificial sweetener Aspartame as a substitute for sugar. This sweetener is well known to cause many serious health problems.

The artificial sweetener present in soda when mixes with the food in a stomach, damages the brain nerves. And leads to dementia which is directly connected to the high consumption of sugar.

Dementia is a collective term for the poor functioning of brain like memory loss and in severe cases it causes Alzheimer’s disease in older adults.

2. Bad for teeth

Soda contains the mixture of phosphoric and citric acid, which interferes with the ph of mouth. The high content of acid combined with sugars cause tooth decay.

The high sugary soda remains in the mouth and provides breeding ground for bad bacteria.

Drinking it regularly results in harm to the tooth enamel too.

3. Risk of kidney stones

Those who drink one soda per day develops the problem of increased triglyceride. This compound hardens the arteries and also the risk of kidney stones get increased.

4. Obesity

A single can of soda contains equal to 10 teaspoons of sugar. Such a large amount of sugar consumption increases the belly fat.

The bad fat gets accumulated in the various organs and slows down the body movements.

Obesity or weight gain is directly linked with diabetes and heart problems.

5. Cancer

Drinking even one glass of soda daily on a regular basis leads to the hormonal imbalance which cajses cancer.

All the diseases like diabetes, heart problems etc. utimately lead to the cancer.

Body cells gets damaged due to high content of sugar amd cancer cells thrive in this atmosphere.

Studies have shown even 2 glass of soda a week lead to pancreatic cancer.

Artificial sweeteners are major cancer causing agents. Also, brown color of soda is obtained by chemical reactions between sugar and ammonia at high temperature and pressure. These reactions emit many harmful chemicals which are linked to lung, thyroid, liver and skin cancer.

6. Nerve disorder

Many times soda contains a very harmful Brominated vegetable oil (BVO). The element bromine present is gregariously injurious to health.

Drinking soda on regular basis results in nerve disorder, memory loss and skin lesions – largely contributed to overexposure to bromine.

7. Diabetes

Artificial sweeteners like fructose present in soda make it a sugary syrup. This excess of sugar puts pressure on pancreas and imbalances the insulin level in the body ie insulin resistance or deficiency.

Type 2 diabetes is common now a days, with children also getting affected.

Studies have shown that those who drink 1-2 soda per day have 25% increased chances of suffering from type 2 diabetes.

8. Heart diseases

Soft drinks directly affect the heart functioning by increasing blood sugar, triglycerides and fats in the body.

Increased fats cause fatty liver and block the blood circulation into arteries which is the prime reason of heart attack.

Soda is said to increase the risk of heart attacks by 20%.

9. Joint pain

Fructose present in soda increases the uric acid in the blood. And joint pain occurs due to increase in the uric acid.

So excessive intake of soda can cause this major disease called gout or joint pain.

It mostly occurs in women at the age above 35-40.

10. Effects metabolism

Drinking even 1-2 soft drinks or soda regularly badly affects the metabolism rate of the body.

If taken regularly for 1 month along with the meals, the metabolism tends to become weak automatically. And a person finds it difficult to burn fat and lose weight.


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