Today’s sedentary lifestyle and bad eating habit result in increasing problem of diabetes and obesity. These diseases are indirectly connected to fatty liver.

This problem occurs when an excess of fat i.e more than 5 to 10 percent gets accumulated in the liver cells. The main reason behind the accumulation of fat is the increase in cholesterol levels and triglyceride. Drinking excess alcohol as a daily habit also has adverse effects on liver and deteriorates liver to the extreme level.

People with fatty liver are not able to diagnose it at the beginning as it does not show any symptoms. It is a silent disease and is more frequent in patients with diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. People suffering from these diseases should go through sonography and liver tests more often than usual.

Some people may experience abdominal discomfort, fatigue, loss of appetite, a general feeling of being unwell and vague discomfort as the beginning signs of fatty liver.

This disease can be easily treated with few changes in lifestyle. Regularly check your cholesterol levels and reduce the body weight.

Say no to:

  • Fastfood
  • Refined food
  • sweets

Here we give you some home remedies for fatty liver:

1. Lemon water

Lemon is a detoxifying and refreshing natural remedy to all the diseases. It helps prevents liver inflammation by removing toxins from the body.

  • Take 1 glass of warm water. Add 1 spoon honey and 1 lemon both in the water and gulp it. Do this daily to avoid fatty liver.

2. Amla or Gooseberry

Amla contains antioxidants which flush out toxins accumulated in the liver. Toxins are mostly present in the liver which results in accumulation of fats and thus cause fatty liver.

  • Take 25 gm of amla juice mixed with 1 cup of water.
  • Take 1 spoon Amla powder with water. It eliminates all the liver related diseases.

3. Sugarcane juice

Sugarcane juice also has antioxidants that dispose of the toxins in the body. It is a natural energy booster and free of any toxins. This puts less workload on the liver and keeps it in good shape.

  • Drink a glass of fresh sugarcane juice once a day.

4. Boiled vegetables

To maintain a good liver health one should make necessary dietary changes. Include fruits and boiled vegetables in your diet. These are easy to digest and are very nutritious too. These provide the required energy and fluids to the body and at the same time are not too heavy to digest.

  • Eat a bowl full of green plant based vegetables daily.

5. Coconut water

Coconut water is also a good home remedy. It is antibacterial and washes away toxins accumulated in the liver. The liver disorder doesn’t allow the food to get digested easily. So you need light meals to boost the digestion and also to heal the diseased liver.

  • Drink a glass of coconut water daily.

6. Cumin powder

Cumin powder comes in the spice category of food items and enhances the taste of the food. Along with this it also increases the metabolism of the body. Thus removing toxins from the body easily. It helps in the digestion and cleanses the liver thus removing waste accumulated.

  • Mix cumin powder to the buttermilk and take it once a day.
  • Or else, soak cumin seeds in water overnight. Strain this water next morning and boil it. Now drink it and do this every morning for good results.

7. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a good antioxidant which helps prevent the fatty liver. It also flushes out the excess of toxins formed and cleanse the liver properly.

  • Cut vertically fresh aloe vera leaf. Spoon out the gel.
  • Eat this teaspoon of gel every morning for the healthy and strong liver.

8. Exercise

Regular exercise helps you get rid of the fatty liver problem. It keeps you fit by maintaining the body weight and reducing obesity. Regular walking and cycling keeps the digestive system healthy and increases the metabolism rate.

9. Ginger

Ginger is anti-inflammatory that helps reduce inflammation in liver caused due to the intake of refined food. It removes toxins and other harmful material from the liver. Thus decreasing the fat deposition in the liver.

  • Make a ginger tea and drink it regularly to keep the liver healthy.
  • Also, you can add ginger to the salads, curries, soups etc.

10. Garlic

The liver is an important part that filters the toxins out of the body and aids in the blood flow. Garlic contains a compound named allicin which is antibiotic and antibacterial.  It flushes out the waste materials from liver and reduces the fat accumulation in the liver.

  • Gulp down 3-4 raw and fresh cloves of garlic with water in the morning.
  • Also, you can add at least 4 raw and chopped cloves to tge cooked meals and salads.

11. Cranberry

Cranberry is both sweet and sour equally. It is very tasty to eat and is considered the superfood looking at the variety of benefits it provides. It relieves constipation, UTI and acidity.

Also, it very effectively helps in detoxifying liver. Fat and other harmful toxins get flushed out and liver remains healthy.

  • Drink fresh cranberry juice with no artificial sweeteners.

12. Apple juice

Raw fruits are very good and natural anti-inflammatory agents. The inflammation caused due to the fat accumulation is reduced and liver is restored back to its original shape.

  • Drink a cup of fresh apple juice two times a day.
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