Constipation or irregular bowel movement is a common problem. Encountered by everyone in their daily lives, people tend to take it lightly.

People feel ashamed of discussing it with anyone else. On the other hand, they bear it down alone, not finding any solutions with no stool discharge for 2-3 days and thus their digestive system become habitual of this routine.

If not paid attention, constipation can get exaggerated with passing time and gives way to many other diseases like piles, depression, bad breath and more.

Also, people turn towards the use of medicines as an easy solution to this chronic disease. But the use of the drugs is even more harmful.

Here we provide you some easy and beneficial (without any side effects) home remedies for constipation:

1.Lemon water

Lemon is citric in nature and acts as a natural cleanser for the stomach and intestines. It acts as a stimulant and removes any toxins accumulated in there. It is a sure shot remedy for constipation.

  • Squeeze one lemon in one glass of warm water.
  • Add a pinch of rock salt to enhance the taste.
  • Gulp it down the empty stomach, as an early morning ritual.

2. Figs or Anjeer

Fig is high in fibers and is the best laxative to soften the tight stool. It can treat even chronic constipation in just one month of regular use.

  • Add 2-3 dried or ripe figs to a glass of milk and boil it for few minutes. Drink this warm milk before going to bed.
  • Soak 2-3 dried figs in a water for few hours. Eat it and repeat the process daily for relief from constipation.

3. Prunes

Prunes are used since a long time as a better cure for constipation. It contains lots of fiber and the high sorbitol content makes it a good laxative. Prune is also good for many other diseases and keeps you in better shape if consumed regularly.

  • Drink 2 cups of prune juice daily.
  • Eating 6-7 prune fruit is also good.

4. Raisins or Kishmish

Raisins are natural laxatives without any side effects. Recommended even for pregnant women, it cures constipation when taken daily.

  • Soak few raisins in water overnight.
  • Eat them next morning empty stomach.

5. Oranges

Orange is juicy and citric in nature. It has high fiber content thus acts as a laxative to the stomach and intestines. Furthermore, it dehydrates the body and helps soften the tight stool.

  • Eat 1 orange daily for a good bowel movement.

6. Almond oil

Almond oil is also a very good laxative that loosens the tight stool and relieves constipation.

  • Add 2-3 tablespoons of almond oil to a glass of warm milk and drink it at night before going to bed.
  • Drink it regularly for few days for easy bowel movements in morning.

7. Fruits and raw vegetables

Fruits are rich in fiber content and also juicy in nature. Raw vegetables have a high amount of fiber which is much required for proper digestion. Moreover, fruits and vegetables have many more nutrients and vitamins that soften the stool and relieves constipation.

Some of the fruits and vegetables are guava, apples, bananas, cabbage, carrots, cucumber, orange, grapes, peaches, kiwis and much more.

8. Flaxseeds

Flaxseeds are natural botanical laxatives that stimulate the stomach and intestines. They are rich in soluble fiber which helps in digestion and creates a bulk of stool.

  • Eat 2 tablespoons of flaxseeds daily. And drink lots of water to avoid gas or bloating due to flaxseeds.
  • Add flax seeds to any recipe.
  • Add some flax seeds on the sprouts salad.

9. Fennel seeds

Fennel seeds contain oils that work as a laxative and are safe to consume. It helps relax the muscles of intestines and reduces the muscle contraction.

This herb is widely known as constipation reliever and keeps the digestive system in good shape. It also helps in gastric problems and allows easy passage of gas and stool both.

  • Grind some fennel seeds to make a fine powder. Take one teaspoon fennel powder with one glass of water before going to bed.
  • Another easy and effective way is, take a teaspoon of fennel seeds and chew it down with water after every meal.

10. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is believed to be a very good laxative and purgative. It soothes down the intestinal muscles thus allowing the stool to pass out easily.

Its laxative properties helpful in relieving constipation are world known and proved.

  • Drink 2 tablespoons of aloe vera juice mixed with water daily.
  • You can also eat aloe vera gel freshly extracted from the aloe leave.

11. Ginger

Ginger is warm in nature that stimulates the digestive system. Hot spices are needed to remove toxins, fat and mucus from the body.

This herb is a natural laxative that regulates the bowel movement properly.

  • Drink hot ginger tea
  • Also, you can boil ginger root in the water. Strain the water and gulp it down.


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