Kidney stones are mainly calcium and oxalate crystals in the urine. Taking injections and allopathic medicines have adverse effects on kidneys. Its best and suggested by most to rely on home treatments to get rid of them. Also, kidney stones are recurring so in long term home remedies do not harm the body.

Kidney stones if not treated for a long time then they can damage kidneys too, causing a kidney infection. So it’s important to treat them fast.

Here we are providing you with a list of home remedies for kidney stones which are natural and easy:

1. Lemon water and olive oil

Lemon juice is the most effective and efficient remedy for kidney stones which relieves the pain almost instantly. Lemons have the property of breaking down the kidney stones into smaller pieces. And olive oil lubricates the urinary pipes for easy passing of these small pieces of stones.

⦁ At the first ounce of pain, take one glass of water and squeeze one lemon in it
⦁ Add a pinch of salt to add taste
⦁ Add one tablespoon olive oil.
⦁ Just gulp it down in one go.

This will reduce the pain for sure but it will be good to drink the same every hour till the pain clearly soothes down.

TIP: During aggressive pain, drink one glass of lemon water every hour.

And on regular, one glass of lemon water daily will keep the pain at bay.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

Vinegar is highly acidic in nature and thus helps in dissolving the kidney stones. When taken for a longer time and in large quantities, it can damage other tissues of the body.

⦁ Mix two spoons apple cider vinegar in one cup of water
⦁ Drink it straight and tastes really awful.

Water can also be replaced with apple juice to enhance the taste and also helps in reducing the pain.

TIP: While in pain take it two times a day.

And on regular basis two times a week is advisable to prevent the future pain.

3. Drink plenty of water or fluids

Drinking plenty of water is the best natural home remedy in the long run. With no side effects on the body and with all good properties, drinking plenty of water helps flush out kidney stones easily without any pain.

TIP: 15 glasses a day is the best cure.

4. Pomegranate juice

Pomegranate juice and seeds ate at a regular interval is also a good remedy for kidney stone pain. It is generally beneficial at the whole and helps regulate overall body functions.

  • Drinking freshly squeezed juice daily or eating organic seeds have astringent properties which help relieve the pain.

5. Patthar chatta leaf

Patthar chatta is a herbal plant, that can be easily planted at home. Its leaves are very beneficial in flushing out kidney stones.

  • Chew two leaves of patthar chatta daily.


  • Grind two leaves of patthar chatta in a grinder.
  • Add some drops of lemon.
  • Strain the juice and add half a glass water.
  • Gulp it down.

6. Gokhru Kadha

Gokhru kadha is an ayurvedic medicine that can be spotted at your nearby medical stores.  It is good for all urinary disorders. Found in both powder and liquid form, but for kidney stones it is best to take it in liquid form.

  • Mix the kadha with water and take it twice a day.

7. Coconut water

Coconut water has many health benefits. It is full of nutrients and boosts the metabolism of the body.  Potassium present in coconut water helps dissolve kidney stones efficiently and prevents them from recurring.

  • Drink 1-2 glass of coconut water daily for best results.

Now, there are also some precautions to avoid the onset of pain:

  • Foods high in oxalates like spinach, beet, tea and most nuts especially cashews.
  • Foods high in phosphate content like colas and high sugar drinks.

Doctors recommend against eating these things or to consume them in small quantities.

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