People are working hard to lose the extra weight. For a perfectly toned body, they sweat day and night and ultimately in few days achieve their goal. But with weight loss, they also get the extra loose skin which looks ugly. It leaves the person irritated and disappointed, rendering their hard work useless.

Let’s try to understand the reason behind loose skin:

Once a person gains weight the skin expands making room for extra fat. In the process, it loses its elasticity and collagen also gets damaged. Now when you start to melt away this extra fat accumulated in the body, skin doesn’t revert its shape. It remains in the same shape and size, sagging and hanging on the body. Loss of elasticity and collagen results in this condition.

The loss of elasticity of skin after weight loss depends on the longevity of time for it was stretched. The longer it was stretched, the more it loses its elasticity and doesn’t bounce back. Many other factors which affect the elasticity of skin are smoking, age factor and amount of weight loss.

The loose skin gives way to ugly looking body, which elevates the bad mood and high stress level. Surgery is the option suggested by many, but it has many side effects. Many patients after the skin tightening surgery have reported of skin pains and infections.

So, instead of that adopt these easy home remedies that help build collagen and muscles to fill the void created. And heals and tones the skin by regaining collagen and elasticity naturally.

Here is the list of Home remedies to get rid of loose skin:

1. Oil massage

Oil massaging helps in the better circulation of blood in the body. And good blood flow results in tight and firm skin. Natural oils like coconut oil, almond oil, tea tree oil, olive oil, mustard oil etc. are best massaging oils. These oils are also useful in removing the stretch marks that appear on the loose skin.

  • Massage few drops of oil twice a day daily ie. before taking bath and before going to bed.

2. Aloe vera

Aloe vera is a very good moisturizing agent and its gel base also possess natural skin tightening properties. The regular application of aloe vera gel on loose skin provides a sure relief in few days.

  • Cut the Aloe vera leaf vertically.
  • Spoon out the gel from the leaf.
  • Apply this nonsticky gel on your body daily for best results.

3. Proper Exercise

Exercise plays a major role in toning up the sagging and loose skin. Proper and timely exercise firms up your muscles to take its natural shape. Post pregnancy period is very exhausting and tiring, being dedicated to the care of new born child. So, don’t push yourself too much and start slow with few and easy exercises.

  • Walking – Start slowly by walking for 15 minutes twice a day ie. morning and evening. Don’t be in hurry and walk at a normal pace only.
  • Yoga – Adopt various easy yoga poses that help tightens up your muscles without putting any extra strain on the body.
  • Dance – Take out time for dancing at home. It will serve the dual purpose of toning your loose skin and providing the inner peace in fast moving life.

Don’t go for crash diet, gym and crunches as these do not give you permanent good results and also push your already weak body to extra limits which can increase the back and shoulder pain.

4. Breastfeed

Breastfeed is the most fulfilling feeling for a mother. It is healthy and nutritious to baby for overall mental and physical development. Along with baby, it is also good for mothers to keep them healthy.

Breastfeeding helps to burn extra calories and thus help reduce the increased body weight post pregnancy. It is the best natural, easy and healthy way to lose weight and tighten up your skin.

5. Healthy diet

A healthy diet full of proteins is the key to building firm muscle and skin. It produces the collagen which increases the elasticity and builds the muscles.And muscle building ultimately firms up the outer sagging and loose skin.

Protein rich diet is nuts, low fat dairy items, pulses, soy, eggs. Include these foods in your diet for a lean and toned body and tighter skin after weight loss.

6. Exfoliate

Exfoliation increases the blood circulation in the body that firms up the muscles. It also helps get rid of dead cells in the skin to replace it with new and healthy skin. Exfoliating also increases the elasticity of skin and acts as an anti-aging agent.

  • Rub your body gently with a good loofah while you go for a bath.

7. Water

Water is essential for overall well being of the body. Less water in the body leads to the saggy and lifeless skin. Water nourishes the skin and maintains its elasticity so that skin takes the shape according to reducing weight. It also helps build muscle that firms up the skin.

  • Drink 10-15 glasses of water a day.

8. Honey

Honey is a natural moisturizer that refills the life to dull and sagging skin. It makes the skin elastic, firm and glowing.

  • Mix a tablespoon of honey with half a lemon.
  • Massage it on the loose skin for 5 minutes and then leave it for 15 minutes.
  • Wash it off afterward.

9. Don’t smoke

As we all know, smoking is immensely bad for health. It is bad in every way, also reducing the elasticity of the skin. The perfectly toned body and tighter skin can be damaged due to smoking. Skin will start to droop and sag. The damage is so profound that you will not be able to revert it back again to the former shape.

So just stop smoking for a healthy and happy life.

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