Black pepper is generally known as the king of spice. Found in almost all the kitchens and used commonly to enhance the taste quotient of food. Apart from being taste enhancer, there are also many health benefits of black pepper.

It contains many important nutrients like calcium, iron, phosphorus, keratin, thymine, and riboflavin. These together enhance its efficiency and beneficiary value.

Here is the list of some major health benefits of black pepper along with the usage:

1. Anti-depressant

Black pepper deals with the brain-clogging. Piperine present in this ‘Spice King’ helps in proper brain functioning and acts as an anti-depressing agent. It activates the serotonin hormone, that is essential for proper brain activities and regulates depression.

2. Checks Blood pressure

Blood pressure is most common health problem encountered by people of all age groups. Black pepper acts a very effective Blood Pressure controlling agent.

  • Take a teaspoon of black pepper powder and mix it in half glass of water. Drink it in one go.

3. Controls indigestion

Black pepper sends the signal from taste buds to the stomach and stimulates it to secrete more hydrochloric acid. And this enzyme helps in boosting the digestion process. Thus the stomach related problems like indigestion, constipation, acidity and intestinal gas get eliminated.

  • Only a small pinch of black pepper with your diet can do wonders.

4. Strengthens Teeth

Black pepper treats all gum related problems in no time. Few mouth related problems found commonly are gum bleeding, toothache, inflammation and bad breath are.

  • Mix both black pepper and salt in equal amounts and then add 3 drops of mustard oil to it.
  • Apply this paste on gums and teeth as well.

5. Fat burner

Black pepper is usually recommended for weight loss. Piperine, a very important compound, is found in it. It stimulates the digestive enzymes of the pancreas and boosts the metabolism. Thus acts as a miraculous fat burner.
Most women suffer from high level of thyroxine, and piperine is highly beneficial in controlling the same.  Those suffering from hypothyroid should

  • At morning, for 15 days, take 7 black peppers at one go. The results will be there in just 15 days.

6. Cleanses body

Black pepper’s outermost layer contains phytonutrients, which helps to break down fat cells. In this process after eating black pepper, you begin to perspire heavily and urinate frequently, these together allow to get rid of excess water and toxins.

7. Relieves cough and cold

Black pepper is antibacterial in nature and therefore helps to cure cold and cough. It also helps to alleviate chest congestion, often caused due to pollution, flu, or a viral infection. And given that it is rich in Vitamin C, it also works as a good antibiotic.

  • Take a teaspoon of honey with fresh pepper powder and eat it two times a day.
  • Steam is very good while having cough and cold. Add a little bit of black pepper to hot water with eucalyptus oil and breath in.

8. Clears sore throat

Due to its antibacterial nature black pepper is believed to cure itchy and sore throat in 2-3 days. It fights away the infection in the throat and clears the congestion in the windpipe.

  • Mix a pinch of black pepper in the glass of water along with a pinch of black salt.


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