Phool Makhana also called, fox nuts or lotus seeds is high in nutrients and is used in many ayurvedic medicines due to its good medicinal properties.

Makhana is a desi snack of India which is long ago forgotten and is replaced by processed or junk foods which are eating up your body silently.

Makhana grows in the stagnant water of wetlands, ponds, lakes of Eastern Asia. Being non-cereal, makhanas are widely used in India as a fasting food especially during Navratri, an enthusiastic religious ceremony in India.

The abundance of healthy nutrients makes it much more healthy dietary option than dry fruits. It is crunchy to eat, satiates the hunger, economical and is also healthy substitute to the utterly harmful processed foods.

Now let’s have a look at top benefits of makhana:

1. Rich in calcium

Phool Makhana is rich in calcium content and efficiently fulfills the calcium requirement of the body. There are many calcium supplements available but they are not a healthy option. Makhana is a much healthier natural food with high degree of nutritional value.

  • Eat a small bowl of makhana daily as a snack.

2. Controls blood pressure

Makhana has high magnesium and low sodium content which is an effective combination to regulate the high blood pressure.

Low sodium would not interfere with the blood pressure level and magnesium helps regulate it.

3. Fights diabetes

The diabetic patient needs to take a very controlled diet that would not contribute to the high sugar levels. Makhana has low glycemic index and also low fats which mean lower sugar released.

4. For weight loss

Makhana is high in fiber and also satiates the hunger fast. It is a nutritious and healthy substitute for any unhealthy snack. Being low in calorie, it helps in effective weight loss.

  • Take a bowl of tasty roasted makhana in between the meals as a snack to deal with the hunger.

5. High in proteins

Makhana is high in protein and carbohydrates. These are gluten free which makes them ideal for those who are allergic to gluten but need to fulfill their protein requirement.

  • Use makhana flour with jowar, bajra and soybean flour for gluten free and protein enriched diet.
  • You can also prepare delicious makhana kheer.
  • Take them raw or roasted in a ghee as a snack.

6. For pregnant women

Makhana provides all the healthy nutrients required for the fetal development.

Low in calories, fats and high in fibers, protein and calcium make it a highly nutritious snack that saves the pregnant women from hypertension, diabetes and keeps them in good shape.

  • Munch on a handful of roasted makhanas once a day.

7. Checks heart diseases

Heart-related problems get aggravated with the age in an individual leading to serious health deterioration. Makhana has an abundance of all the nutrients to keep the heart in good shape.

Makahana has low saturated fats which are healthy for heart patients and also other health conscious people.

  • Makhana should be taken raw by heart patients and health conscious ones.

8. Stimulates sex life

Makhana is also of great help in stimulating sexual health. It increases moisture level in the body tissues and thus increases the stickiness of the sexual secretions.

As a result, increases the quality and quantity of sperm in the males and also increase the fertility in females. Makhana is also useful in treating impotence and is used in many ayurvedic medicines for the same.



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