Bael fruit or Wood apple is a boon for the mankind given by nature. It is a deliciously sweet fruit with lots of medicinal properties and nutrients.

Normally, people are not equipped with the health benefits that Bael offer. Every part of Bael tree like fruit, leaves, roots, seeds and chaal have many types of distinctive properties and are thus used for medicinal purpose in various forms.

Bael fruit in its various life cycles is used as a murabba, vegetable, chooran and sharbat. It has a very hard outer layer and an internal yellow colored layer is very tender and pulpy. The soft and buttery yellow pulp gives fresh fragrance that melts your senses and tastes sumptuously sweet.

Bael fruit provides a large number of health benefits due to its nutritional value. It has a lot of minerals and vitamins. Also contains fiber, proteins, carbohydrates, calcium, phosphorus, iron. It has 55 % keratin, 8 % vitamin C and a small amount of vitamin B.

Now let’s have a look at the benefits of bael fruit:


Bael leaves are very beneficial and strongly recommended for diabetic patients. They balance the sugar level in blood. These leaves are commonly popular for their anti-diabetic action.

  • Grind together few Bael leaves and 3-4 black pepper. Drink the resulting juice twice a day. It provides much relief.
  • Grind few leaves of Bael tree and extract 10 milliliters of Bael juice. Drinking it once daily lowers the blood sugar level.

2. Cough

While suffering from an intense cough, bael fruit provides relief by clearing the chest. It melts down the phlegm and thus opens up the congestion in the respiratory system.

  • Take 100gms Bael pulp in a half liter of water.
  • Cook it on low gas for some time.
  • When only 300 gms of water remains, strain the pulp.
  • Make 1kg sugar syrup and mix it with the strained pulp.
  • Add few strands of kesar and some javitri.
  • A fresh and vibrant concoction is ready.
  • Drink it slowly, sip by sip.

3. Constipation and acidity

Ripen bael fruit acts as a laxative and tones up the digestive system and intestines.

  • Mix together, 50 gms of pulp, 25 gms sugar and 250 gms water to make a sweet concoction. Drinking it daily will relieve you from constipation permanently.
  • Eating ripe pulp daily for 2-3 months tones the intestines and removes bowel problems.
  • Mix Bael juice with honey. Drinking it provides relief from acidity.

4. Diarrhoea and loose motions

Bael fruit is extremely beneficial and highly recommended in diarrhea. It is pharmaceutically proved to be anti-diarrhoeal. Unripe and half ripe fruit both are very effective in treating long-term diarrhea.

Bael fruit is considered astringent, digestive and stomachic.

  • Taking 5-10 gms of Bael powder with normal water removes loose motions.
  • Eat tender bael fruit with buttermilk.

5. Mouth sores

Mouth sores are very irritating and foul the taste buds of mouth. These can be settled down with bael fruit. It acts as an expectorant and fights down the infection in the mouth.

  • Add some pulp in a 100 gm water and boil it for few minutes. When this mixture cools down, gargle with it. It soothes down the mouth sores.

6. Heart diseases

Bael fruit also treats cardiac problems. It helps prevent against heart stroke and attacks. It is said to be a great tonic for cardiac related diseases.

  • Extract Bael juice and add few drops of ghee in it.
  • Drink this juice daily in a fixed quantity.

7. Anaemia

Bael fruit also helps the person recover from anaemic condition. It builds the red blood cells and fulfills the iron requirement of the body.

It acts as an energy booster by increasing the metabolic rate of the body. Also, fulfills the protein requirement of a person and thus help build the muscles.

  • Take 1 spoon Bael powder with sweet hot milk. It makes new blood in the body which results in the removal of anemic condition.

8. Colitis

Bael fruit is greatly advised for severe colitis. It is a best herbal remedy for ulcerative colitis too in which person suffers from bleeding ulcers.

  • Eat steamed tender bael fruit with honey, followed by the buttermilk.
  • Take paste of bael fruit mixed with jaggery and dry ginger powder, also followed by the buttermilk.


Never use Bael in large quantities in your daily diet, as it can also be dangerous for health and can cause constipation.

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