Cashew nuts are famously grown dry fruit and are widely popular all over the world. This tasty nut is full of minerals and vitamins and consumed for all the healthy reasons globally.

A common myth is that cashews have a large amount of cholesterol which makes them unfit for heart health. But the truth is that it doesn’t have cholesterol. In fact, it contains healthy monosaturated fats or unsaturated fats that are good for the body.

Cashew has many nutritional benefits containing a large number of vitamins, proteins and minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus. It also provides fiber rich diet when taken to the limit.

Here are top health benefits of cashew nuts:

1. Avoids heart problems

Cashew nuts are cholesterol free and are rich in antioxidants which make it healthy for the heart. These contain very low amount of fat in comparison to other dry fruits. Most of this fat is in the form of unsaturated fatty acids which is good for heart health.

So cashews are a low – fat diet containing heart friendly monosaturated fats that induce good HDL cholesterol in the blood and prevents artery blockages and any related diseases.

  • Eat 4-5 unoiled and unsalted cashews per week. Eating too many adds to high calories.

2. Prevents cancer

Being rich in antioxidants, it fights against cancer cells. Also, the presence of a large amount of copper stops cancer cells from dividing further that can lead to tumor formation.

It mainly helps against colon and liver cancer.

3. For healthy teeth

Cashews have a high content of phosphorus that helps make strong gums. It keeps healthy teeth enamel along with clean teeth. Cashews fight against bacteria and avoid cavities.

  • Eat 4-5 servings of cashews once a week.

4. Strong bones

Calcium is needed for strong bones as everyone knows. But magnesium is also required to properly balance the calcium absorption in bones. In the case of magnesium deficiency body reacts negatively leading to muscle cramps and contraction.

Cashews are rich in magnesium and a handful of cashews a week provides the required amount of magnesium to the body to maintain bone density and prevent you from osteoporosis.

5. Prevents Gallstones

Gallstones are crystalline masses made up of cholesterol that build up inside the gallbladder and are very painful. Fatty diet needs to be controlled while one is suffering from gallstones. Cashews can help in preventing gallstones and reduce the risk by 25% according to studies.

  • Eat a handful of cashew nuts once a week to avoid the chance of developing gallstones.

6. Shiny hair

Hair remains shiny and healthy due to the presence of chemical named Melanin. Copper mineral present in cashews helps in the production of melanin pigment. Cashews provide natural shine and make root follicles strong.

  • Eat Cashews once a week or apply cashew oil on your scalp.

7. Controls diabetes

Cashews contain proteins, fiber and heart-friendly fat. It lower the risk of type 2 diabetes which mainly occurs due to the high levels of triglycerides in the body. And healthy monosaturated fats lowers down the triglyceride levels and thus controls diabetes.

  • Eat at least 5 cashews in the whole form once a week.

8. Sharpens mind

Cashew nuts give a boost to the memory power and keep brain healthy and strong by providing required supply of healthy fatty acids. They keep the nervous system healthy thus provoking the brain to work actively by sending signals fast and sound.

The healthy components of cashews protect us from various brain diseases like mental disorders, mood regulations, depression and dementia.

  • Eat 4-5 cashews for breakfast with honey.

9. Weight loss

Cashews are cholesterol-free and have low saturated fats. They are high in monosaturated fats, as already said above, which is good for the body and doesn’t constitute to the weight gain.

Cashews are also rich in fiber that makes you feel your stomach full and thus fewer cravings to eat more.

10. Treats Anemia

Anemia is a condition in which count of Red blood cells or hemoglobin decreases in the blood, thus making the person anemic. Cashews are rich in copper and give a sufficient amount of iron to the body.

Iron deficiency causes loss of hemoglobin in the body. Women need 18mg iron and men need 8 mg of iron from their diet. And cashew fulfills this need when taken in limited quantity.

  • Eat cashews on daily basis.


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