A headache is a very common problem encountered each and everyone almost daily at any point of the day. Most of the times we just see it normal and take it for granted. Being regularly occurring problem no one takes it seriously and just pops a pill to get it vanquished in just a few minutes.

But things are not as normal as they look to be, and too much for your dismay it’s complicated more when you pop a pill every time as an easy solution. In fact, pills are accentuating the problem by blocking the natural healing function of the body.

There are many reasons behind a headache like excessive smoking, excessive drinking, blood vessel constriction, nervous dysfunction, dehydration, stress, long monotonous working hours, weak eyesight, drop in blood sugar levels and many others.

When a severe headache stretches straight for 2-3 days in a row, then it is a serious problem called Migraine. It needs to be dealt by consultation with a doctor.

For day to day headaches, we have a natural remedies which are without any side effects, unlike aspirins.

Here is the list of home remedies for headache:

1. Peppermint oil

The scent of peppermint oil is very refreshing and calms down the aching nerves of the brain. Menthol present in it opens up the clogged blood vessels and regulates blood flow in the body. This reduces a headache and pacifies the inflammatory brain.

  • Pour few drops of peppermint oil on your head and massage it gently, breathing in the fresh aroma.
  • And take rest for few minutes.

2. Lavender oil

Lavender oil is strongly suggested for a severe headache and migraine. Its aroma works magic and soothes down the aching nerves of the head. It relieves down the stress and tension.

  • Massage lavender oil on the temples and back of the neck with slow motions.
  • Or else, add few drops of the oil to boiling water and inhale the steam.
  • Or else, massage some oil on your forehead.

3. Mint leaves

Mint leaves have menthol as the basic component which provides relief to the aching head in few minutes. A headache of all types can be treated with mint.

  • Put mint leaves on your forehead and breathe the refreshing aroma of mint.
  • Or else, extract mint juice and apply it on the aching parts.

4. Ginger

Ginger gives instant relief from a headache and that too naturally without any side effect. It reduces the inflammation and relieves the aching neurones.

  • Simmer a piece of ginger root in a boiling water.
  • Breathe in the steam that is wafting out.
  • Also, drink this concoction taking a sip at a time.
  • Or else, make a ginger paste and apply it on the head.

5. Cloves

Cloves provide a cooling effect to a throbbing head and possess pain relieving properties.

  • Extract clove oil by crushing them and mix it with coconut oil and gently massage it on the head.
  • Heat 7-8 cloves in a pan and place them in a fine cloth.
  • Now inhale the smell of these cloves and also press it on affected areas to relieve the pain.

6. Ajwain

Ajwain is also antiseptic in nature and acts as a pain relieving agent for a pounding headache.

  • Heat few ajwain seeds in a pan and tie them in a handkerchief or a fine cloth.
  • Apply the cloth on the pain affected areas for instant effect.

7. Yoga

A headache normally develops due to monotonous working hours and taking too much stress to handle. It causes the nervous disorder and due to excess pressure on brain nerves, head starts aching.

Yoga is the best way to relieve yourself of any tension and stress. Even simple breathing exercises daily can help you a lot in clearing your mind. Taking long breaths gives a plenty of oxygen supply to the blood vessels which ultimately leads to a relaxed mind.

  • Sit cross-legged in an easy posture, relaxing your body and mind.
  • Now take long breaths in and out for 5 minutes.

8. Betel leaf

Betel leaf has a very nice aroma that calms down the inner senses and provides relief in a headache. It is a natural herb commonly known as ‘paan’. It also has many other health benefits.

  • Grind a betel leaf with few drops of boiled water to extract the juice. Now mix it with a small amount of camphor and apply on the temples and other affected areas.
  • Or else, inhale the steam coming out from leaf infused boiling water.

9. Onion

Onion is known to be the magical cure for a headache. It’s antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and aspirin properties provide relief from a chronic headache.

  • Crush an onion and apply it on your head. Some tears will flow but they will take away your headache.

10. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a good cure for a headache. It is a good antioxidant that pacifies the aching nerves and provides relief in no time.

  • Take the cinnamon powder and mix it with water to make a paste. Apply this paste on your forehead and then relax for 30 minutes. Wash it with water later.
  • Or else, take a half glass of milk, mix one teaspoon cinnamon powder and half boil the mixture. Then add one teaspoon honey and drink this mixing it well.


  • Drink 8-10 glass of water a day or remain hydrated throughout the day.
  • Don’t drink and smoke frequently.
  • Eat healthily and at regular intervals.
  • Avoid laptops, TV, mobile and any other gadget.
  • Avoid excessive eating of chocolates and caffeinated drinks.


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