Glycerin is made naturally from vegetable oils and is also a by product of soap making process. It is the main ingredient of almost all moisturizers available in the market.

Glycerin treats the dry and dull skin and has many other beneficial uses. It is suitable for oily skin too, reducing the acne and pimple formation. Being also a humectant, it preserves and retains the moisture in the skin.

Note: Glycerin is sticky in nature, so use it in the appropriate ratios. Don’t overdo the quantity as dust particles stick with it on the skin. Also, it is best to be used at night. But in case of over dryness, use in the morning too.

Here are the main uses of glycerin:

1. Moisturizer

Glycerin provides moisture to the dry skin and also locks it there into the inner layers of skin. It works magically for the dry, patchy and rough skin, providing it a natural glow and shine. It is therefore very useful in winters when skin becomes dead dry and dull.

Once applied, it protects the skin from any environmental damage and retains the natural beauty.

  • Take a glass bottle and mix glycerin and rose water in the same quantities.
  • Add a lemon to the mixture and close the bottle.
  • Shake it well.
  • Apply it evenly on the face, lips and whole body befor going to bed every night.

In case of over dry skin apply the mix every morning after shower too and get smooth and supple skin instantly.

2. Toner

Glycerin tones the facial skin by opening the clogged pores and remove the dead and damaged cells.

  • Mix a drop of glycerin with two drops of rose water and lemon.
  • Apply it on the skin before going to bed and wash the face next morning.

3. Acne treatment

Oily skin is largely prone to acne and pimples. Glycerin works well for oily skin as well. It keeps the skin hydrated and closes the oil producing pores.

  • Apply the mixture of glycerin, rose water and lemon on affected areas with clean fingers or cotton.
  • Leave it for few minutes and then wash it off.
  • Or you can apply it overnight and wash the face next day.

It also reduces the blemishes and marks on face.

4. For dry lips

Dry and chapped lips occurs due to the exposure to rough and dry climate. Glycerin is a perfect and best solution available to treat them.

It repairs the damaged lips and retain their natural glow instantly. It also makes them soft and supple without any side effect.

  • Apply the same mix of glycerin with rose water and lemon, whenever lips feel dry.

Glycerin also retain the pink color of lips by removing the sun tanning.

5. For mouth sores

Mouth sores are really painful and can occur anywhere in mouth area. These give uneasy feeling and poses problem in eating. Glycerin possess certain properties that soothes down these mouth inflammations.

  • Apply small amount of glycerin on the affected area for 3 times a day till it subsides.

6. For diaper rashes

Diaper rashes are very frequent among babies and these occur due to carelessness of the parents or caretaker. Glycerin is a perfect humectant that absorbs water from the air into the skin and keep it moisturized.

  • Apply some glycerin on the diaper covering areas of baby.

7. For skin infection

Glycerin is considered beneficial for all types of skin infections like eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, scaly and patchy skin.

It helps fight away bacterial infections and repair the damaged skin cells and tissues.

  • Apply the glycerin mix on affected areas daily after bath and before going to bed.

8. For cracked heels

Just like lips and facial skin, glycerin is good for cracked heels too. Damaged and dead cells of heels need to be looked after regularly. Glycerin is a perfect solution for cracked heels.

  • Apply it on the clean heels and then wear socks for protection.


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