Many things are available in the kitchen which we think as a wasteful by-product. But actually, almost all the remainings left out from the main food prepared are of one or other use.

Whey water is the liquid remained after straining cottage cheese or paneer. The acid or souring agent is added to the boiling milk which leads to the milk curdling. The paneer formed is strained out and the remaining water is called Whey water. The acid or souring agent used are buttermilk, curd,

The acid or souring agent used are buttermilk, curd, vinegar and lemon. Adding vinegar and lemon would give you sour whey and an addition of buttermilk and curd obtains sweeter whey water.

It has a lot of nutritional benefits and is a great source of protein. The whey water obtained from paneer is the natural and purest form of whey protein beneficial for muscle development and strong physique.

Whey water contains orotic acid which is essential for the formation of RNA and DNA which are the protein building blocks of our body.

An artificial whey protein powder is consumed by gym goers and body builders as an energy drink and a protein shake to boost their energy and firm the muscles. But being artificial it has side effects too along with advantages.

It also has a large number of vitamins, minerals, calcium and enzymes. So next time you curdle the milk for cheese, keep in mind the benefits of the remaining water and use it preferably.

Here is the list of amazing uses of whey water:

1. For soft and glowing skin

Whey water acts as a skin toner, cleanser, softener and moisturizer all in one at the same time. Whey bath is offered by many spas attributing to all these properties. It is slightly acidic in nature which softens and tones the skin.

  • Add 1-2 cups of whey water to your bathing water.
  • Take some drops of whey water on a cotton ball and tone your face with it.

2. For soft chapattis and bread

You can also replace the normal water used in kneading dough for bread and chapattis with whey water. It will make them extra soft and also enrich them with nutrients.

In fact, it can also be used to knead the pizza dough for a nice sour taste and a smooth crispness.

3. As a hair conditioner

Whey water is a perfect conditioner for hair imparting them natural sheen and strength. It also helps remove dandruff which is due to the bacterial infection on the scalp.

  •  Mix a small amount of whey water in a mug of water.
  • After the shampoo, rinse your hair with this mixture.
  • No need for rinsing with plain water after that.

4. For a sore throat

Whey water has antifungal properties. It fights the bacterial infection in the throat and cures it effectively.

  • Mix 1 small cup of whey water in the 1 glass of plain water.
  • Gargle with this mixture.

5. In fruit and vegetable smoothies and juices

Water used in smoothies and shakes can be replaced with whey water to provide a creamy texture and enhance the tangy taste. Also, supplements your drink with more nutrients.

6. For weight reduction

Whey water also helps in shedding extra kilos when added to vegetable juices and smoothies. It increases the metabolic and digestive processes of the body and thus helps cut down fats.

6. In the baking

While preparing bakery items like muffins, cakes, bread or pancakes, milk is required to get a smooth flowing batter. So the milk can be replaced with whey water in these food recipes.

7. In the soup

Water is used as the base of any type of soup, so you can replace the water with whey. It will ultimately add more nutrition to your soup.

9. To water the plants

Whey water can be used to water the plants and it helps in adding vitamins and minerals to the soil. But remember to use only sweet whey water i.e made from curd or buttermilk. Acidic whey water can burn out your plants.

  • Mix one cup of whey water to a bucket full of water and pour it into your plants.

10. As a pet food

Instead of draining a lot of proteins i.e in the form of whey water, use it as your pet’s food. In this way, you are protein packed food diet to your pet, which they deserve too.


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